Here it is! 7 Trending Colors of the Year 2024

13 , January , 2024

Here it is! 7 Trending Colors of the Year 2024

"Color" is one of the communication tools and plays a crucial role in every industry. Every year, Pantone announces the trending colors that will influence the design industry. This year, we will see interesting color trends in the design industry in Thailand, as recently announced by the Thailand Creative & Design Center (TCDC) for the year 2024. Let's take a look at some of the colors for this year:

• Rich Gold: This shade of gold, inspired by natural vegetation, evokes a sense of nature, relaxation, simplicity, and a low-key style. It communicates a gentle and trustworthy feeling, emphasizing the commitment to preserve, revitalize, and deepen the relationship between humans and nature.

• Coral Gold: Known for its positive energy, this color is associated with health, mental well-being, and a comfortable and warm feeling. It pairs well with black, gray, brown, and white, making it suitable for home and hospitality businesses such as fragrances, candles, and bedding.

• Digital Green: In the era of technology, this fresh and vibrant green symbolizes imagination and a dedication to preserving natural resources. It is versatile and finds applications in various industries, from furniture to fashion.

• Capri Blue-Green: Inspired by Tiffany & Co., this color represents luxury and aligns with the fun market trend. It exudes a lively and sophisticated atmosphere, fitting well with various industries, from furniture to fashion.

• Raspberry Rose: Portraying a gender-neutral and courageous image, this deep pink shade has evolved into a symbol of strength. It is suitable for a wide range of applications, promoting individuality and strength.

• Violet Storm (Purple): Conveying a sense of freedom, equality, and empowerment, this easily noticeable violet tone sparks interest and enhances brand recognition. It is suitable for textiles, plastics, and furniture design.

• Pinecone Brown: A timeless and versatile brown, Pinecone, connects with nature, conveying simplicity, romance, and enduring quality. It is a popular choice in the design of homes, prints, and various products.

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