Lace Guide: Pros and Cons, Properties and Qualities, How to Care​

May 04, 2021

Lace Guide: Pros and Cons, Properties and Qualities, How to Care​

Laces are works of textile art; they bring a complete graceful touch to any dress outlook.

Pros and Cons
Every fabric has pros and cons and lace is not an exception as well.


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● Appealing – The embroidery laces look chic, fabulous and feminine. It is best to give a romantic look.
Beautiful – Lace is available in the vibrant and rich colors.
Breathable – The lace fabric is breathable and has a pleasant texture.
Festive – Casual clothes decorated with lace look stunning than any other fabric; a perfect source to adorn any festive dress.
Long-lasting – The thread in lace fabric is highly durable enough to deal with the use of daily wear, although you should ideally be careful.
VersatileLace fabric is an ideal choice for either evening parties, good finishing, for casual clothes, and to name a few.

FragileLace fabrics are easy to get damaged.
Labor-consuming Care – There is no doubt that you cannot wash lace dress in the washing machine. Dry-cleaning will be the best option, but a hand wash is also possible. Remember to dry any garment with lace horizontally.
Pricey – In general, laces made of natural materials by leading European textile manufacturers are expensive. Handmade lace fabrics are more expensive than machine-made.
Transparency – Lace can be used as separate elements or in combination with other materials. One may also insert a lining for more opacity and embed a covering for greater murkiness.

Properties and Qualities

Lace ,Lace shop ,Cotton lace fabric  ,Fancy lace fabric,Lace fabric wholesale

● Either hand-made or machine-made, almost all types of lace are an openwork fabric.
● Depending on how they are made, its weight can be lightweight or heavy.
● Laces are breathable, sheer and delicate to touch especially if made with silk, cotton or wool.
● Synthetic lace fabrics are more durable than handmade ones.
● Laces come in different patterns and designs; be it floral or ornamental or geometric with stripes, checques, and waves.
● Metallic threads add shimmering to the fabric.
● The lace fabric is ideal for evening/night, wedding and easygoing wear, home materials, lingerie, and finishing.  How to Care for Lace Fabric?

How to Care for Lace Fabric?

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Dry-cleaning is the most preferred option since lace fabric requires a delicate care. The best way is to check the care label before washing.

● If hand wash is allowed, use a gentle cleaning agent, cold water, and dry on a towel after washing.
● If your lace fabric is machine washable, choose the delicate mode, use a wash bag and mild detergent.  

If the water temperature is higher than recommended, shrinkage of fabric is possible. Beware that embroidered lace is not washable in any situation.

Do not iron the lace. Most of the lace dresses require no ironing. If the lace contains synthetic fibers, ironing can make them melted.

If you want to iron your lace dress, treat it very carefully. Put the lace on a towel and place a plain cloth or a press cloth fabric between the iron and lace. Choose the proper temperature or gradually raise the temperature from cool to cool-medium.

To avoid stretching, dry heavy lace apparel flat.

Lace ,Lace shop ,Cotton lace fabric  ,Fancy lace fabric,Lace fabric wholesale



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