Fashion Tip: Choose fabrics to suit your tailoring​

Fabric selection is a very important part. Let me emphasize that it is one of the most important steps in sewing clothes. If we do not know the details of each fabric, I'd say it's a lot of tough work. Let's see what fabric selection has to start with.

Lace Fabric: Symbol of Ultimate Femininity

Lace, by definition, is a delicate fabric made of thread or yarn in an open weblike pattern, made either by hand or by machine.
Of all the fabrics in existence today—the bold patterns, the organics, the synthetics—lace, which came into popularity in the 16th century, holds very special power in the sartorial world. Lace is the embodiment of classic and elegance in fabric form, for it is the ultimate fabric of femininity.

14 Types of Lace Fabric and Trims for Dressmaking

Lace is a very popular fabric for clothing as well as interiors like curtains. Lace drapery fabric can add sophistication, distinction, and effortless style to your home when done it right. With many different styles, constructs, and colors available, lace is an all-time favorite fabric for dressmaking, from daily wear to wedding gowns.

Lace Guide: Pros and Cons, Properties and Qualities, How to Care

Laces are works of textile art; they bring a complete graceful touch to any dress outlook
Pros and Cons Every fabric has pros and cons and lace is not an exception as well.Advantages

Different Lace Fabrics Come with Different Feature, Choose Wisely for Your Dream Wedding Dress!

A wedding dress is probably one of the most important dresses every woman will ever wear. Thus, most brides will spend a certain amount of time to consider the style, design, color and fabric type of their wedding dress. Nothing can make a woman feel more feminine and fashionable than wearing a white lace dress, and we believe that there is a type of lace for every bride; be it chic and comfortable or striking and sophisticated.
Here are nine types of lace wedding dresses you need to know before shopping for your dream wedding dress.

How to Tell If the Lace is Good Quality?

The white lace fabric is a much-loved fabric choice when it comes to wedding dresses for its elegance and refinement while combining traditional values with modern interpretations. The versatility of white lace also makes dressmakers to combine it with other fabric easily, but not limited to other colors. When you consider to use lace for your dress, black and grey colored lace fabrics are also a popular option in the fashion industry.

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