Is it difficult to maintain a lace dress?

December 14, 2021

Is it difficult to maintain a lace dress?

Lace fabrics feature delicate fabrics with lovely woven and/or embroidered patterns. Therefore, it's no surprise, that lace blouses and lace dresses are so popular because they give you that beautiful, elegant, sophisticated appeal. However, the most common issue with this fabric is that the lace can be pulled to the point of being torn or stretched to the point where the pattern is broken and no longer fits the way it used to. United Lace has some advice on how to store lace dresses to reduce damage.

How to keep lace dress so that it doesn't lose its shape

In order to maintain the lace, following are the tips that can help with storing and preventing damage. 

To begin, how should a lace garment be stored so that it retains its shape and color? There are additional precautions that come with lace blouses, in addition to gently cleaning and maintaining the lace outfits. The lace dress is usually hung on a hanger and stored in a garment bag by most women. This method has direct advantages. This keeps the dress from wrinkling and keeps delicate beads or weaves from getting on the dress next to it and potentially damaging it. Additionally, selecting it to wear to an event becomes more convenient.

However, when hanging a lace dress with a single strap design, there is a possibility that the strap may stretch due to the weight of the dress and become too lengthy to wear. Moreover, some dresses are constructed of lace with long strands of beads or enormous pieces of sequin embroidery. Hence, if the dress is hung on a hanger for a long period of time, the weight of the beads and sequins can drag it down. Therefore, single straps lace gowns with beads and sequins embroidery are advised to be covered with a cloth or garment bag and kept on a flat surface. In fact, the best way to wrap lace is using unbleached muslin, cotton sheets, or acid-free tissue paper and for storage, cardboard boxes should be used. Do not store the box in the attic or in a cedar chest, and avoid wrapping it in plastic. Then when you want to use it, you can take it to the ironing board or steam iron your lace. Steaming your clothes not only removes wrinkles, but it also kills bacteria that cause odors and removes allergens that attract dust mites.

Last but not the least, most importantly, never put your delicate lace in the washing machine or dryer! Even though we know that every washing machine these days is very sophisticated and has extra hand wash or delicate buttons that you can press. You should, nevertheless, always keep in mind that even low spinning can cause damage to your lace.With a big collection of exquisite lace fabrics and current patterns to choose from, United Lace offers a wide range of lace fabrics at wholesale and retail pricing. The fabrics are of excellent quality and can be utilized to create a wide range of attractive garments. The cloth is very easy to care for and does not readily lose its shape.


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