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May 04, 2021

Fashion Tip: Choose fabrics to suit your tailoring​

Fabric selection is a very important part. Let me emphasize that it is one of the most important steps in sewing clothes. If we do not know the details of each fabric, I'd say it's a lot of tough work. Let's see what fabric selection has to start with. There are many styles to choose from. At United Lace (sells lace fabrics at wholesale prices), there are many selections to choose from.

The most popular fabrics for sewing are as follows:

– Thin, lightweight fabric that drapes well, is comfortable to wear, and has good breathability.

Rayon - Very stretchable fabric, comfortable, but easily creased, suitable for making t-shirts.

Chambray – Another option for those who want a smooth, lightweight fabric, but chambray doesn't drape as well as the above fabrics.

Denim – Denim is a heavy fabric. Low flexibility and stretchability. It is often used to make jackets and pants.

Chino – Twill weave fabric. (Ladder weaving) The fabric has a slanted pattern. The fabric is soft, smooth and has a drop.

Hanako - Hanako fabric has a slight sheen, stays in shape, thick texture, slightly stretchable. It is commonly used to make pants and dresses in a slim fit.

Knit – There are many types of Knit or knitted fabrics. From light to medium weight. Knitted fabrics are suitable for garments that emphasize the flexibility of the fabric. The design and sizing of woven fabrics often includes the flexibility of the fabric in the design.

Silk – Silk is a delicate, lightweight fabric that drapes well and has a slight sheen. Due to the smoothness of the fabric, it is somewhat more difficult to sew than other fabrics, but it can be used to make lining very well.

Satin – Satin fabrics vary in weight from light to very heavy depending on the type. The fabric is similar to silk but has more luster. Linen – Medium weight fabric and is slightly flexible. Linen is good at dissipating heat. Therefore, it is popular for sewing clothes to wear in the summer.

Wool - There are over 200 different types of wool from over 40 different variety of fleece. Wool is durable, long-lasting and versatile. Provides warmth when wearing.

Flannel – Flannel is a soft, lightweight fabric that is commonly used to make sweaters. including shirts, pants and jackets.

Polyester – Polyester is a lightweight synthetic fabric. The highlight is that the fabric is hard to crease. Provides good ventilation, suitable for tailoring a sports shirt.


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