What is Chemical Lace

Aug 24, 2021

What is Chemical Lace ... ?

Chemical lace (sometimes called Schiffli lace) is a form of machine-made lace. This method of making lace is done by knitting patterns on sacraments that have been chemically treated to disintegrate after the pattern is created. Schiffli machines came into use at the end of the 19th century. Prior to that, a Swiss hand machine was used to make chemical lace and Embroidery fabric

Imported lace that are sold are usually done on a Schiffli machine which are very large, have multiple heads, continuous needles and overlapping. The lace pattern is designed so that the embroidery thread creates a coordinated set of threads that will become a piece of design. After the embroidery is done, the embroidered fabric is soaked in a solution that will not harm the embroidery thread but will dissolve all the soluble fabric leaving only the lace. There was further development in addition to the chemical washing methods described above. By using a base cloth that can be dissolved in water or decomposed under heat. 

Nowadays, chemical lace are very popular in the fashion industry, tailoring clothes in a modern way including the use of chemical lace
to decorate various outfits in order to add beauty, good and modern look.

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