How to Tell If the Lace is Good Quality?​

May 04, 2021

How to Tell If the Lace is Good Quality?​

The white lace fabric is a much-loved fabric choice when it comes to wedding dresses for its elegance and refinement while combining traditional values with modern interpretations. The versatility of white lace also makes dressmakers to combine it with other fabric easily, but not limited to other colors. When you consider to use lace for your dress, black and grey colored lace fabrics are also a popular option in the fashion industry.

To make a quality lace dress, knowing how to use color alone is not enough. You need to be able to identify quality lace fabrics. A good lace can make you look stylish and sophisticated while a bad one can ruin your style. A good lace almost always has the following characteristics:

Check the Texture of Fabrics Material. In the market, a lot of lace fabrics have a subjective distinction in cost, and the materials that are made up of is the major determiner of the quality and price of the lace products.

● For lace with net base, quality ones always come with a really tight weave so that they don’t contort and shift unnecessarily when sewing.
● Great textures and workmanship can more readily show the impact of the lace product.
● A good lace fabric does not itch, its usually soft but tough as well.
● The fabric at the base of a good lace is always neat, beautiful and strong, it does not tear at the slightest touch when sewing.

Check the Process Technologies.
Nowadays, coloring and printing of fabric materials are divided into dynamic printing, semi-dynamic, and conventional printing and coloring. This gives a superior result than common printing and coloring in which material is partitioned into plain, twill, printing, weaving, jacquard. You can identify quality lace fabrics according to the process technologies used in making the product.

Check the Smell.
Although this might seem odd, the smell of new fabric is one of the quality indicators. When shopping for the lace fabrics, you should smell if there is any bothering smell (formaldehyde deposits). Avoid such kind of lace at any cost.

Check the Branding, Labeling and Packaging.
A good product will almost always be produced by a prominent brand in the industry. And, those prominent brand will never take their labeling and packaging lightly. The standard ventures and/or producing firms have total item ID content, clear location and phone. For a quality lace seeker, one must avoid to buy items with non-standard or inadequate product identification, or unpleasant packaging and muddled printing.

Go for Color Laces.
In term of quality lace fabrics, the color ones might be better. When picking a color, you should go for light-colored lace fabrics since the chance of formaldehyde's shading speed surpassing the standard fabric color will be less. The term good and bad in this article is just to identify which lace fabric you should and should not invest your money in. We hope this article gives you some insights and more knowledge on what is a good lace fabric.



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