Eyelet lace features little circles or holes and adds a boho touch to any wedding dress. If it is done right, Eyelet Lace can channel a vintage aesthetic that’s cool and unexpectedly modern.


Chantilly Lace: Vintage-inspired Details




Named after the city of Chantilly, France, Chantilly Lace was first introduced in the 17th century. Made from braided and twisted lengths of thread, Chantilly Lace still remains popular today as a very delicate lace, known for its fine ground, outline pattern and abundant small details such as flowers and ribbons. The best Chantilly laces were traditionally made of silk.


Point D’Esprit Lace: Breathability and Volume




Sometimes called “Queen of lace”, Alençon lace is a needle lace usually used on veils and trims. Originating from Alençon, France, this needlepoint lace looks best with a floral design on a net or sheer background. Although Alençon lace is delicate, it can withstand beading and heavy threading, perfect for creating a striking effect.​


Eyelet Lace: Boho Aesthetics




This particular type is a lightweight lace featuring small oval dots scattered over an illusion of net or tulle fabric. Point D’Esprit Lace adds volume and usually pairs best with a chic and flirty aesthetic.


Guipure Lace: Structure and Sophistication




Also known as Venetian lace, Guipure lace is one of the most robust and elegant types of lace. It is

a stiff and firm lace where motif patterns are connected by plaits or bars rather than net or mesh. Guipure lace features finest cellulose or silk threads, is easy to work with, and doesn’t fray.


Embroidered Lace: Dimension and Texture




To create three-dimensional beaded embroidered lace, delicate patterns are tightly stitched onto an illusion base, forming the appearance of an applique. The lace is then embroidered with sequin or beading lace pieces on a separate tulle layer, creating depth and dimension.


Knit Lace: Fit and Flexibility




Knit lace lacks a tulle backing, making it more flexible and breathable than other types of lace. As a softer lace, it also contours around the body with ease.


Brussels Lace: Sentimental Value

Brussels lace was introduced in the 15th century and is well known for its delicacy and beauty. This type of lace is more commonly used in antique bridal veils.


Corded Lace: Nothing but Classic

Corded Lace also comes from the same region as Alençon lace but is infinitely more ornate. It is more popular on traditional styles of wedding dresses.



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Different Lace Fabrics Come with Different Feature, Choose Wisely for Your Dream Wedding Dress!​

A wedding dress is probably one of the most important dresses every woman will ever wear. Thus, most brides will spend a certain amount of time to consider the style, design, color and fabric type of their wedding dress. Nothing can make a woman feel more feminine and fashionable than wearing a white lace dress, and we believe that there is a type of lace for every bride; be it chic and comfortable or striking and sophisticated.


Here are nine types of lace wedding dresses you need to know before shopping for your dream wedding dress.


Alencon Lace: Floral Detailing