Tencel : The New Eco-Friendly Innovation

13, May, 2024

Tencel : The New Eco-Friendly Innovation

What is Tencel fabric?

Tencel fabric is made from the cellulose of trees using an organic solvent process, which is a clean spinning process that is non-toxic and environmentally friendly. It's a new innovation, also known as lyocell fiber, produced from various types of wood pulp. The fabric feels smooth and silky, similar to silk and satin, with a beautiful sheen, giving a luxurious look. It regulates body temperature, providing a cool touch, is moisture-wicking, and gentle on the skin, making it perfect for those who enjoy softness, comfort, or have sensitive skin.

What makes Tencel fabric special and different from regular fabrics?

1. Made from natural wood pulp, it's free from derivatives and chemical impacts in the manufacturing process, making it relatively good for health and future fiber innovation. It's been awarded the "Environmental Award" by the European Union.

2. It protects against bacteria, fungi, and dust mites, making it suitable for allergy sufferers and those sensitive to dust.

3. It adapts to body temperature, providing comfort in hot weather and preventing excessive cold in cool weather.

4. It's durable, non-pilling, easy to care for, can be machine washed, and the fabric does not easily wrinkle or shrink.

5. It meets the OEKO TEX Standard 100, ensuring safety and no harmful chemicals, making it highly popular.

6. The fabric is softer and more comfortable than cotton, with 1,500 threads per inch, making garments made from it comfortable all day long and highly flexible.

Fashion trends today have shifted towards environmental conservation, incorporating the passion for sustainability into new clothing collections. Using Tencel fabric as a natural and important renewable resource, it can be used in sportswear or flexible outfits for outdoor activities such as workout clothes or comfortable loungewear.

For the brand "United Lace," a manufacturer and wholesaler of various lace fabrics, including imported lace fabrics, it recognizes the importance of environmental conservation and aims to produce new products by blending lace fabrics with Tencel. This will cater to those who appreciate the luxury of lace fabrics and the convenience of Tencel simultaneously. Expect to see the unveiling of these lace fabric creations very soon. Stay tuned!"

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