Edging Lace is a trim with one side straight and the other scalloped. French edging lace has openings to thread ribbon along it.​

Insertion Lace has two straight edges and decorative stitches can be used to attach the insertion lace for different effects.​

Lace Appliqué are single motifs that can be bought separately. Lace motifs can be appliquéd onto garments and are a cost-effective way to decorate garments. They can be made from cotton or nylon.​

Crocheted Lace is a bit heavier than other laces and has a natural organic look. Machine-made crocheted lace is typically made from cotton fibers making it easy to dye in brilliant colors to match any garment.​

Alencon or French Embroidered Lace is immensely popular as a bridal fabric for making wedding gowns and veils. This beautiful lace has a net background and raised motifs with beads and cords embellishing it. Basically, it is Chantilly lace with a raised design.​

Venise Lace or Venetian Lace: Also known as Guipure Lace (lace without any mesh), Venetian lace is a fine lace in which the embroidery is stitched onto a cloth which is disintegrated later to make the floral or geometric motifs stand out.​

Chantilly Lace has a delicate floral design sewn or outlined with silk threads on a netting background. Originally, the color of the silk thread used was mostly black but modern Chantilly lace comes in a variety of different colors.​


Embroidered Lace is a constant popular choice for interiors and fashion. They are constructed by removing threads from a woven background, which are filled with embroidery later.​






Knit Lace is a very fine type of lace which can be pulled through an item as small as a wedding ring, hence it got the name “wedding ring shawl.”


Tatting Lace or Shuttle Lace is a form of knotted delicate lace made with special cotton. The cotton is knotted to form a warp and weft of knots using a shuttle. Tatting lace trims are commonly used as edging for collars, handkerchiefs, pillows etc.


Elastic Lace is stretchy and widely used as embellishments for garments. They are also ideal for making lingerie and fabric headbands.


Cotton Lace is softer than synthetic or nylon lace making it ideal when you want the fabric to hug the body.


Ric Rac Lace, mostly used as accents, edging, and insertion in a seam, is a lace in a zig zag pattern made in silk, cotton and metallic.


Beaded Lace Trim has beads on the edge and is inserted between two pieces of fabric to make the beads look as if they are embroidered onto the fabric.



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14 Types of Lace Fabric and Trims for Dressmaking​



Laces are works of textile art; they bring a complete graceful touch to any dress outlook.


Pros and Cons

Every fabric has pros and cons and lace is not an exception as well.